RIP Medical Debt and KPFK

Advocacy in Action!

Holidays are for caring and giving the gift of hope. On November 11th, 2021 at 5 pm, KPFK radio personality Cary Harrison started the path to relieving $1,000,000 in medical debt for families in need! If you are asking yourself how relieving medical debt helps a family, it does 2 things. It pays off debt and because of that debt payment, it improves their credit report. If you have ever been in a situation where you needed a loan to pay your bills, you know that having good credit helps tremendously. 

Stanford economist Neale Mahoney states that Americans hold at least $140 billion in outstanding medical debt. The reason there is so much outstanding medical debt is a combination of pricing for medical care and unfortunate hazards of life living paycheck to paycheck. Individuals and families go in with the best of intentions, seeking medical care for their families. They realize quickly that the cost of that care can't be paid on the day of treatment so they opt to make payments. Sometimes these payments are more than the family can afford and so they go unpaid... Those unpaid bills become bad medical debt. In fact, studies by the United States Census Bureau show that 19% of American families hold medical debt with the average being $2,000 in debt. RIP Medical Debt is doing something to help change that this holiday season.

To date, KPFK with the help of RIP Medical Debt has relieved over $400,000 in medical debt so far. If you are asking how it works, well it is actually pretty simple. People call into the radio station to make a small, medium, or large donation. KPFK then works with RIP Medical Debt to purchase bad medical debt and erase it for the family. Imagine giving the gift this holiday season of relief to a family who could really use the break. If you would like to learn more about their efforts, then hop on over to KPFK's website and listen in.



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