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A Physician Artist Shares Beauty, Harmony And Hope Through Her Work

For probably the first time in history, the work of a practicing American physician artist has been accepted to the prestigious International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris. Dr. Sharpe’s artwork will also be showcased at the International Art Fair in Luxembourg (LuxExpo The Box: September 17-19, 2021) and Brussels (Expo Center: November 26-28, 2021).

This doctor is ON FIRE!

Her creations were recently shown in Milan, Italy at the end of March (International Art Exhibition GAIA by the M.A.D.S Gallery) and will be included as part of the Market Art & Design Hamptons Show from August 12-15. Her art was accepted to the New York City Art Expo in November but Dr. Sharpe hasn’t definitively accepted that opportunity as of yet because she has 3 International Art Fairs in Europe later this year. She was recently featured in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global and Authority Magazine. Most amazing of all? Dr. Sharpe continues to see patients in her office.

These events have typically each drawn 20,000+ visitors from all over the world in past years.

Dr. Susie Sharpe is a respected physician with 25 years of medical practice who is also a celebrated artist. Her path has been anything but straightforward or smooth. Dr. Sharpe’s extraordinary journey is inspiring!

Growing up in Korea, she always excelled in art and in academics. Her dream was to become an artist and to study abroad in Paris. When she was 16, her parents decided to emigrate to the United States. Without speaking any English, she faced a great deal of hardship including language, social barriers and poverty.

Choosing Medicine Over Art

She gave up her dream of becoming an artist, and instead chose to pursue a medical career. She wanted the security of being able to support herself in a a career that would help people directly.

For the next two decades she buried herself in books, graduating from Wesleyan University with a degree in Chemistry, and then graduating from Yale Medical School with her M.D., followed by a residency at Yale New Haven Hospital, all while learning English and working to pay for her education.

During those twenty years, she became a very successful internal medicine physician in Seattle, Washington and then settled in Missouri where she remains, while raising two gifted children. While she felt fulfilled and loved her medical practice and family, she never gave up her childhood dream of becoming an artist someday.

Despite her demanding schedule as a physician and mom, she made it a priority to study art whenever the opportunity presented itself. The art Dr. Sharpe created became highly acclaimed, and before long she was being rewarded with many awards, and being asked to showcase her art in many exhibits, all while still enjoying her practice of medicine. She has also become recognized as an exceptional artist online and through that exposure, her art has been selected to participate in several international art fairs.

Being chosen for the upcoming art fair in Paris is particularly meaningful for Dr. Sharpe, as it fulfills her childhood dream. One of her works to be featured in the upcoming art fairs is titled: “Follow Your Dream to the Stars”. It is a culmination of what she could only dream of for decades — following her childhood aspirations to become an artist in Paris.

Proving that age is irrelevant when one is in pursuit of goals, Dr. Sharpe’s journey as an artist has just begun. She has ambitious dreams of sharing her art all over the world, from coast to coast in the U.S. as well as abroad, spreading her message of optimism.

As a physician, she witnesses a lot of human suffering. Yet, she sees life as a precious gift. Typically, she treats many patients with chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease and cancers. Over the past year, she has been very busy with many patients afflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her mission as a physician is to lessen human suffering, both physical and mental. Her mission as an artist is to share beauty, harmony and hope through her art. There is much darkness in the world and this inspires her to show the positive, beautiful, brighter side of life. She is also a passionate musician; her love of music shows up in her art as well.

“The Art of Medicine has its Roots in the Heart”-Paracelsus.

Dr. Sharpe is a physician who has a deeply rooted love for her patients and for the beautiful art she creates. It is truly healing for the soul.    

To see recent work by Dr. Susie Sharpe and to learn more about the artist, visit:




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