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Sick and Tired… No More!

Dr. Steven Gundry’s New Book “The Energy Paradox” Is A Must-Read For Everyone Who Wants To Get Their Energy Back.

Hats off to Dr. G!! He loves to poke the bear by challenging the establishment. The dichotomy between ineffective health practices and effective health conditions is evident after reading and applying the strategies in The Energy Paradox Program. At 51 years old, I’m a true convert, however my journey didn’t start with the “The Energy Paradox.” Although it is very possible for one’s journey of success to start there, I started with his first book, “The Plant Paradox.”

My motivation for reading these books was based on goals for growth and to prevent the diseases that plague my family. “The Plant Paradox” taught me about all the foods I should be eating and what foods I shouldn’t be eating, as well as environmental factors influencing my body and its functions. I continued with “The Longevity Paradox,” incorporating intermittent fasting (very intermittently) and continued to healthier living. Fasting was challenging for me because I was often fatigued and needed to maintain my energy levels for work and play and I also plateaued in weight loss (I’ve gone up and down throughout my years, my highest being 380lbs in my early 20’s).

Recently, I found myself losing strength and endurance, and it took much more effort to stay focused throughout the day with work and family. While listening to Dr. G’s podcast I learned about his new release, “The Energy Paradox,” and the anticipation was overwhelming.

“The Energy Paradox” was timely, for me anyway, offering solutions to problems unveiled by recent life circumstances and the big stressor we’re all dealing with … COVID-19 and the nuances that fall prey to its presence. It is also right on time for diving deeper into the conversation surrounding microbiota (gut) and nutrition. It provides an understanding of just how our body systems talk to each other and use each other on a cellular level. Dr. G has an exquisite way of explaining the research and medical lingo the commoner (such as myself) would understand in a simplified and often entertaining manner.

In Part 1, The Epidemic of Fatigue, Dr. Gundry explains his theory on how our society has grown to epidemic levels of health-related illnesses as well as how inflammation, poor gut health and damaged mitochondrial function steal energy from our bodies and our brains. Part II is the program itself and is based on three main objectives: heal your roots; regenerate your soil; and end mitochondrial dysfunction. He promises that ”It doesn’t take that long to improve your gut biome and ATP production, which means that you will notice improvements quickly and be motivated to stay on track.” He encourages, “I’m not going to make you eat anything you don’t want to eat. This program is built on flexibility and options …” He offers choices with Do’s and Don’ts for boundaries. Timing meals is another BIG component of the program. By increasing time between meals, your mitochondria build metabolic flexibility and insulin sensitivity (based on the foods with which you’re fueling – ie diet). “Greater metabolic flexibility allows you to process a variety of fuels efficiently. In other words: It’s less likely for your favorite carbs to show up later as belly fat.”

While reading the book I employed his strategies. It took some getting used to (I now drink black coffee in the morning so as not to break my fast) and I started rock climbing with my husband in a fasted state. I can’t tell you the amount of energy I have … AFTER climbing! The 20 lbs I lost as a result of gaining more energy is simply icing on the cake. Even if I eat a pint of my favorite ice cream, I can get right back on track the next day (mitochondrial flexibility and insulin sensitivity – yeah!) … because my cravings have literally disappeared. I’m in control of how my body and mind are fueled and I can make better choices with an understanding of “why” after putting it all together.

My favorite quote from “The Energy Paradox:” “I’d like you to think about taking your mitochondria for a six week spa treatment.”

Now, doesn’t that sound good? 

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