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The SoMeDocs platform has over 25,000 followers and is FREE for readers and non-physicians.

Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life and professions with a variety of expertise and interests and what makes Dr. Dana Corriel unique as both a physician and a business owner is her desire to connect readers and patients with some of the brightest minds and top talents in the medical field through a service she created called SoMeDocs (Doctors On Social Media).


This unique platform showcases practicing physicians who have a presence on social media. Wellness warriors and patients alike can scroll through profiles to find doctors with a specific expertise in a particular field or specialty. Her desire to impact healthcare was partially inspired by her own work and presence online but also because she sees the importance of allowing physicians to connect with their audience and remove some of the barriers that historically make the doctor/patient relationship challenging. Dr. Corriel is changing the way we consume medical information and education from doctors. SoMeDocs is also a platform for doctors to showcase their talents and interests, learn from one another, and increase their presence in print, media, television or through speaking engagements.


The SoMeDocs platform has over 25,000 followers and is FREE for readers and non-physicians. It was established in 2017 and has a growing presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can check it out at SoMeDocs.com.


In addition to SoMeDocs, Dr Corriel is also a consultant who has worked with dozens of medical professionals and organizations on personal branding, content creation, and finding a voice on social media through her personal site www.drcorriel.com. Here you will find the unique ways in which she is able to share her experience, creations, and fresh ideas as both a doctor and a creative. Be sure to check out her launch of the brand-new virtual competition called Clue Climb where families can participate in a “Clue-Like” challenge in real-time playing against other families. Her lens and the way she sees the world is quirky, out-of-the-box creative and innovative and she can help you find YOUR creative within. Contact her today at www.drcorriel.com. 

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