Spiritually Invisible

Spiritually Invisible

Are you spiritually invisible? Try alternative medicine by taking a few minutes for yourself to improve your health and well-being. Mediation and eastern medicine have taught us that sometimes we all need a mental break especially during an exhausting pandemic year. Fight back from becoming invisible by following Dr. Z’s tips for stepping back from media and technology in order to embrace human connections for the sake of your mental health.


Have you ever really investigated Eastern Culture and its thoughts as it pertains to health and well-being? I’m talking about meditation, alternative medicine, different treatments that don’t require an MRI or a CT scan.  Well, I have! It’s both eye opening and exciting.  Everything from acupuncture to Tai Chi and Falun Gong.  There are many avenues to help today but so few have been directed at spiritual health and well-being in Western Society.  Did you know the separation of religion/spirituality from the practice of medicine didn’t occur until Sigmund Freud supported their divergence in the 1920s in Western Culture?  Eastern cultures view them as all the same.  Hence Tao, Buddhism and others like Falun Gong were and are important to your physical health and well-being.

Meditation is a wonderful place to start as so few of us are willing to give ourselves just 5-10 minutes every single day.  The ability to clear one’s mind and plate, so to speak.  We all need to give ourselves some self-help or we can become invisible to all those around us at home and at work.  What do I mean by that?  Well, we have all heard the phrase “to thine own self be true”, but are we?  It has been amazingly easy, especially over the past 12 to 16 months, to retreat into our own cocoon and become invisible. We Zoom, we text but do we touch, do we speak?

To be sure, some time for ourselves and a little solitude is a good thing, as all types of meditation and Eastern medicine have taught us.  But I feel there is a great need to reconnect both physically and mentally in our fast-paced world or lest we become a David Copperfield prop and disappear. As I age, I see it and recognize it in my daily life. Older folks can easily fade into a hedge like Homer Simpson and disappear.

If anything, we should be learning and aware of, it is there is a rapidly coming Tsunami of mental health issues coming to this rapidly shrinking world of ours.  More and more people are slowly becoming invisible and I for one am worried! So, what can and should be some solutions you ask?  Well, for starters we need to be aware and identify key markers for mental health wellness as early as elementary school.  If we look to Eastern medicine, families take care of their own and nursing homes do not exist.  I strongly believe we need that “HUMAN” connection instead of the growing invisibility that social media and technology can bring.

So, my mini recommendations are these:

1. Unplug from social media and the news 

2.Call a friend and talk, don’t text! 

3. Have a conversation and listen, don’t speak! 

4. Meditate in a quiet place to start if you can.  Simple breathing and mind clearing practices! 

5. Lastly escape to the outdoors, water plants, talk to plants, appreciate the wildlife, and clear your brain!

Its ok to escape and relax from the stresses we all endure if only for 5-10 minutes.  But don’t become INVISIBLE, please connect especially with our youth! 

Thanks for listening. Z


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