Stellar Doc-Jamie Wells, M.D.

Stellar Doc-Jamie Wells, M.D.

In collaboration with PWT and HPEC, we celebrate ALL #StellarDocs during National Physician Week.

Where did you attend medical school?
Jefferson Medical College

Where did you do your residency?

St. Vincents Hospital - Manhattan

Why did you go into medicine?

My grandparents lived with us when I was a child and we all contributed to their home health care. Additionally, I grew up in a medical family and accompanied my father on house calls, office and hospital visits. As a natural caregiver who excelled in math and science, I always envisioned the most ideal and rewarding path to helping the most people was via the medical route.


What makes you a #stellardoc?

I am motivated to make any individual, environment or situation better than I found it. I believe an empathetic lens and unrelenting commitment to understanding each person's particular biopsychosocial needs and challenges is the optimal approach to assuaging suffering, curing as opposed to band-aiding disease and empowering people to be advocates in their own care. Expediting the highest quality of care and ensuring its excellence in delivery for each and every single patient is the only acceptable standard. When I recognized that was being compromised as the gap between policy and medical practice ever widened and was contributing to patient harm and marginalization of primary stakeholders (eg. patients, physicians), I pivoted professionally to use my voice to inform the public and policymakers on issues that needed a spotlight. Albeit in medical practice, educational advocacy or an alternative or adjacent path, it is essential as a physician to take decisive action and be adaptable in our career pursuits to expose third party influences that do meaningful harm to patients.

My greatest asset is making complicated material palatable for any audience. This allows me to bridge interdisciplinary knowledge gaps and break down silos to spur innovation. I learned early that being an effective communicator was a requisite tool for achieving any goal. No matter if you want to calm a patient's fears, get funding for research, motivate a team or innovate your field, the best path to facilitating your (and societal) dreams is to know your audience and adapt accordingly in your message in ways that can be understood and truly heard. I am often described as a force of nature, replete with grit, determination, an active and curious mind and humility. Out-of-the-box thinker. Caring. Thorough. Up-to-date. Extensive fund of knowledge. Down-to-earth, brighten up a room, joyful, funny. Calming and sought after when there is a crisis. Dynamic


Where can readers learn more about you, Dr. Jamie Wells?

1) I am teaching the inaugural course for the nation's first pediatric engineering degree program at Drexel BIOMED. Link to full Bio here.


2) I am Chair of the Yale Alumni Health Network (YAHN) and this article is about our sold-out launch.


3) I was profiled as a physician leader by The Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation here

4) I moderated this Yale webinar on COVID-19:


"You can make a positive impact anywhere with anyone at any time - then watch the world change. A yes-before-no mindset will yield the greatest dividends. So, whenever confronted by obstacles which we all face, make the choice to see the opportunity. It could be a bigger gift than you ever imagined."



#StellarDoc is the brainchild of Dr. Leah Houston, Founder of HPEC: The Digital Physicians Guild | HIMSS Author | Public Speaker | Blockchain Enthusiast| Futurist |

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