Stop the Lollie-Gagging!

A busy multi-tasking female physician discovers a podcast that literally changes her life and outlook.

This morning I woke up later than I planned and immediately felt guilty. The list of things I had intended to get done during my quiet 24 hour on-call shift had NOT gotten done, and I had a new list of tasks pinging around in my brain, I needed coffee and my right SI joint and back were in spasm from sleeping in the very uncomfortable twin bed in the "no frills" call room that had been my home for the past 27 hours. 

"My body is too old for this sh!t," I heard my inner voice tell myself (and that voice isn't entirely wrong...I am turning 60 next May, and I imagine that most professional women my age sleep in their own very comfortable beds every night). 

I have a lot of things to do today (is it just me or does anyone else "hear" the now-famous TikTok song that usually features adorable puppies)  but instead I had repeatedly hit the "snooze" button on my phone.

I got myself showered and dressed and got in my car.  As I was getting ready to back up my eye caught the alert from LinkedIn from Dr. Lola Day and I clicked on it. 

It was a newsletter titled  "ADHD and Task Paralysis" and although I have been vowing to have someone from my team work on my phone so that I stop getting alerts (I don't need any more distractions than I already have!) I am grateful that THIS morning the universe aligned for me.  I needed to read this, and I think you do too! 

Next on MY list of things to do this week:

1) subscribe to the podcast Lollie-Tasking with ADHD. 

2) contact Dr. Day directly to feature her in the PRINT version of Physician Outlook Magazine (my mission with my business is to engage the "baby boomer" physicians and others who do not have a social media presence).  

Click here to read the newsletter that changed my life, and listen to Dr. Lola Day's podcast


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