Sunshine in a bottle

Sunshine in a bottle

Abstract yourself for a moment to feel poetry. Let yourself be driven to perceive the human that is inside a physician’s coat.

Sunshine in a bottle,

Like the modest, warm winter Sun.

Bold rays of Hope,

Pierce through the unforgiving cold.


Fruits of labor, born in wee hours of daybreak,

Through countless sleepless nights,

Through sweat-blood of unsung healers,

Amidst cynical glares those skeptics make.


Bring on the precious Golden glow,

Let it filter through the shadow of gray clouds.

That wear down unsmiling spirits,

May it recharge all waning energies.


As the modest, warm winter sun,

Wraps like a shiny armor hug,

A mother’s warm embrace,

May it somehow embolden tough hearts.


As each day gets tougher than the next,

we need our hearts to go on,

Re-fuel us in our Service,

Balm to soothe us in our tough Calling.


For Life doesn’t get easier,

May we get stronger

From the glow within,

Of timely, scientific winter miracles,

Soak up this empowering winter Sun. 1

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