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How Cookies And Other Hobbies Are Inspiring Physicians To #TakeBackMedicine. Original painting by Dr. Anu Gupta, M.D., ObGyn

What do cookies have to do with fixing healthcare?

If your answer is "nothing" you'd be wrong.

Actually, these cookies, and what they represent, have EVERYTHING to do with healthcare reform.


So many people—not just physicians— have hidden almost super-hero like talents. It takes a certain amount of what we LatinX call “chispa” or “moxy” to let others see and appreciate that creativity.


Physicians are no exception. One thing that may separate us from non-physicians is that we tend to be perfectionists. We are likely less apt to let the world know about our “super-talents” until we are at our breaking point.


That’s because we put patients first. Always. Until we are told that we can’t.


The COVID19 crisis has been a blessing in that for many of us physicians, the pandemic has become OUR COLLECTIVE BREAKING POINT.


Never before have I seen physicians rising for “the cause.” How in holy hell did we not have enough PPE to protect us when we have 7-10 administrators for every doctor in the US? Isn’t that their job?  What do you mean we are being furloughed without pay? Why are physicians being asked to volunteer for front line duty in places like NYC when nurses, respiratory therapists and physician assistants are being offered lucrative locum contracts?


I have seen a multitude of physicians joining together wondering why we don’t have a union. I have witnessed thousands of doctors signing a petition demanding the kind of workforce protections granted to first responders post 9/11. I don’t care that it flopped, that it was a bad bill—I LOVE that we have collectively become “woke”  and are speaking up.  We are not only speaking up, we are showing up in ways that show off the tremendous “hidden talents” among us.



The cookie masterpieces featured on the Cover and in the Table of Contents in this month's print issue are the creations of Dr. Sarmiento-Gupana (a pediatrician from Chicago) and her sister Angela (a software marketer). Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube at Sarmie Sister Sweets. 


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