Dr. Sheila Nazarian is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who owns a private practice in Beverly Hills, California. In alignment with being a surgeon, she has a master’s degree in medical management from Marshall School of Business at USC and serves as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Southern California. Her practice extends to online as well as she is the founder of spa26.com and TheSkinSpot.com. Skin Decisions: Before and After, is a Netflix show that displays her client’s stories as well as the before and after results.

1.     What inspired you to pursue this plastic surgery?

“I initially was looking into architecture or orthopedic history as I loved to design and build things ever since I was a child. When looking further into those professions, I realized I wouldn’t actually be building as an architect and orthopedics was not creative enough for me. Someone suggested I look into plastic surgery, and it was the perfect fit of art and science for me.”

2.     What is the most common type of plastic surgery you perform?

“My practice is actually a 50/50 mix of surgery and non-invasive treatments with the aim of natural results, always. I perform the gamut of aesthetic surgeries, as well as use thirty devices in my practice. Optimal results usually come from a combination of treatments. For example, if I do a facelift and leave the skin wrinkled and full of sunspots, the results will not be in harmony and people will know my patient had work done. But when surgical and non-surgical treatments like lasers or injectables are used together, the results make sense, and no one can tell any work has been done.”

3.     Would you say that the amount of people who seek plastic surgery in the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles area is much larger than other areas of the United States? (Due to the lifestyle and financial status of people living in LA/Beverly Hills)

“Sixty percent of my patients actually fly in to see me. I think plastic surgery is talked about more in certain age groups and geographical regions, but everyone is doing something these days. In my practice, I have three other physicians at lower price points to be able to accommodate most budgets.”

4.     Although you are a plastic surgeon, do you promote the idea that women should accept who they are and love themselves, without any work done?

“I absolutely promote self-love and self-acceptance. However, to tell someone they should live with a pannus hanging over their pubis after massive weight loss, or a completely sun-damaged and aged face when they feel younger than they look is not optimal either. If a person is healthy, both physically and mentally, and they want to refresh their faces and bodies, and it is safe to do so, we should not make them feel guilty for it. We should empower them to live their most confident lives.”

5.     Can you give women a piece of advice who may not be able to afford plastic surgery but are struggling with their image?

“Medical grade skincare products and devices have come a long way. I started TheSkinSpot.com 7 years ago to help women and men find the best products out there. Products that are backed by studies and proven to deliver results. Oftentimes, you can look so much better by just switching from store-bought brands to medical grade products.”

6.     Have you done surgery on any celebrities?

“I have operated on celebrities. Celebrities seek me out because they don’t want anyone to know they have had anything done. #NaturalByNazarian and #SmallBreastQueen are two of my hashtags. I absolutely love natural results.”

7.     Tell us about your website, TheSkinSpot.com.

“The Skin Spot is a skincare and wellness site I created 7 years ago. Products can be so confusing. Marketing, packaging, smells, and paid influencer recommendations are what most people go by when choosing their skincare products these days. I created the site to curate the best-of-the-best, medical-grade products that deliver on their promises. We have an awesome Skin Quiz to help newcomers figure out their exact regimen and a loyalty program as well to reward our customers for making smart choices when it comes to their skincare and wellness product choices.”

8.     On TheSkinSpot.com, your products seem to be very high end. Who is our target audience since most of these products are very expensive?

“Our audience is typically a twenty-five- to fifty-five-year-old woman who wants products that deliver. Effective and proven ingredients will be more expensive than your drug store brands but our customers are willing to spend a bit more for products that actually work... not just smell good and have cute packaging. Our customers want results.”

9.     On your Instagram you posted about Sheila’s Closet that is being sold on TheSkinSpot.com. Can you tell us a little bit about your line (what made you want to start selling clothing and accessories) and the Hope Foundation of Los Angeles? (Proceeds from purchases from this line are going to this foundation)

“I work with a stylist to edit my closet often. Instead of just donating my clothes, I decided to sell them on TheSkinSpot.com to my followers who watch our live edits and always ask if they could have the clothes, I was editing in. So, I thought, give the people what they want. All proceeds from my gently used or brand-new clothing go to the Hope Foundation of Los Angeles, who help indigent families in my community.”

10.  What is the most rewarding part of being a plastic surgeon?

“The most rewarding part of my life is using my voice in activism. With my Instagram following and Netflix show, I have a platform to speak from and I use it to call out racism against my Jewish community. My family escaped Iran and came to America as refugees during the Iran/Iraq war. As Jews, we were persecuted and had to leave everything behind to come to America, not even speaking the language. Being a plastic surgeon has given me the opportunity to have a large platform and influence. I am so much more than just my job as I think all physicians are. We need to give ourselves permission to explore and nurture all aspects of ourselves creatively. I am exceedingly grateful to be in America where a refugee can, with hard work, perseverance, and talent, become nominated for an Emmy, and succeed as a plastic surgeon. The sky is the limit.”


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