Technology That Restores The Physician-Patient Relationship

For the first time in many years physicians have a real opportunity to change the system. We have been relegated to the sidelines, as government regulators, insurers, and employers have been deciding  what is best for us.

Our patients as well, have been held hostage by their employer’s health plan, and have had to endure long delays in treatment and network restrictions while shouldering more and more of the bill through rising deductibles and copays.  It’s not a model that is sustainable or even makes sense anymore. That is why we created UBERDOC, the first direct to consumer platform providing access only to the best and most experienced physicians for a transparent price.  Founded by those on the front lines of care, UBERDOC has created a network of doctors from every specialty who set aside one or two appointments per week for a patient who wants the convenience of seeing a doctor without a phone call or insurance hassle. Doctors can even offer both in person and telemedicine appointments. Disruptive? Perhaps, but we need a way to restore the doctor-patient relationship and now we have the technology to do it.

UBERDOC is open to board certified specialists, licensed in their state, and credentialed with a hospital or health system. There is no cost to become an UBERDOC and list an available appointment. However, subscriptions are available for telemedicine and other digital health services. Every UBERDOC has their own individual marketing page and a profile that can be linked to existing web sites and can be edited by the physician. Our goal is to provide physicians access to the tools they need to run a complete digital office including scheduling, reminders, billing, and collecting, so the doctor can focus on what they do best, taking care of patients.

And what about the patients?  Do they want the convenience of seeing a doctor quickly and will they pay for it? You bet,  and they have been doing it for years paying a minimum of $250 just to visit a walk-in. Now they can “walk-in” to their own doctor’s office or to a hard to schedule specialist without waiting. UBERDOC has seen over 1000 patients, with over 10,000 searching monthly for doctors nearby and available. Patients want affordable options and better access. UBERDOC provides both.

So please join our mission. There are only 985,000 of us in practice, we need everyone  happy and working to take care of the generation of patients who are  living longer and healthier because of our efforts. For more info  go to joinuberdoc.com

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