The VPZD Show

The VPZD Show

The “click And Clack” Of Medicine

An entertaining fast-paced relatively new podcast that started airing in late 2021, the VPZD Show, features two very funny smart well-read, well-trained physicians who dare to challenge today’s “status quo.” They have been dubbed the “Click and Clack” (of NPR “Car Talk” fame) and are two of the very few un-censored voices in healthcare.

Dr. Zubin Damania, aka ZDOGGMD, is a Stanford/UCSF trained doctor who leads a passionate tribe of healthcare professionals towards an “Alt-Middle” vision of what healthcare SHOULD look like. His medical and entertainment show “ZDoggMD Show” reaches millions of listeners weekly with in-depth interviews, “merciless and uncensored satire” and takedowns of “pseudoscientific nonsense” that can be found on Locals, Facebook and YouTube.

  Vinay Prasad MD MPH is a hematologist-oncologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of California San Francisco. He runs the VKPrasad lab at UCSF, which studies cancer drugs, health policy, clinical trials and what he calls “better decision making.” He hosts a podcast called Plenary Session,  runs a YouTube Channel VinayPrasadMDMPH, and has a very active Twitter account @VPrasadMDMPH. 

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