We Need to Stop Calling It Burnout

We Need to Stop Calling It Burnout

Burnout. We need to stop calling it burnout. Actually, it’s moral injury.

It’s what happens to people on the front lines of clinical care who are forced to witness human suffering while feeling powerless and unable to do enough about it. 500,000 deaths from COVID alone and countless excess non-COVID deaths in America due to inadequate access to cardiac care. Watching patients suffer and die during pandemic. Watching patients die and suffer alone. Watching patients experience complications of delayed care or minimized access to care due to lack of capacity by hospitals overrun with COVID this past year.

Are we surprised? It’s not burnout.

It is moral injury. It is a silent trauma. We need to be talking about it. Or we will lose more doctors to resignation, emotional detachment, or even suicide which is a legitimate under- appreciated epidemic among frontline caregivers.

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This article first appeared in November of 2021 on www.DoctorsOnSocialMedia.com. Shared with permission from author and SoMeDocs.


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