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What is Direct-to-Employer Contracting

With Direct-to-Employer Contracting, primary care providers are not funded on a fee-for-service — meaning clinicians are often rewarded for improved health outcomes of patients instead of the number of services provided. In essence, the better health outcomes of employees equal fewer visits to the doctor, ultimately reducing costs for the employer.

What is Direct-To-Employer Contracting?
Direct-to-Employer Contracting allows self-funded businesses to eliminate the “middleman” or insurance carrier by establishing contracts directly with healthcare provider facilities. These providers are then considered to be their preferred points of service for employees’ healthcare needs. Most often, employers prioritize contracts for the highest-cost and most frequent healthcare needs like preventative care treatments and procedures like yearly exams, cancer screenings, and radiology services. 

The Benefits 
This healthcare approach produces a well-rounded multitude of positives. For The Gasparilla Inn employees, it has increased access to primary care services and has made preventative treatments more affordable. For management, it has provided more control over the design of employee health benefits, and improved health outcomes. Also, doctors are granted  more freedom and flexibility with their patients’ treatment plans as they do not have an abundance of insurance company restrictions.

After adopting this type of healthcare plan, the landmark Inn saved about 1.8 million dollars over 3 years, and employees saved approximately $5-$10,000 a year — employees have said that the savings are equivalent to a few extra mortgage payments, a downpayment for a home, or a nice chunk out of their teen’s college tuition. 

Even better, the Inn has a Benefits Champion on staff, Liz Schrock, that employees can call any time, day, or night— someone available to guide staff where to go for services and how to handle their plan, ensuring that everyone is appropriately accommodated and navigational barriers are non-existent. 

It May Be Right For You
The Gasparilla Inn & Club is a prime example of not only “Florida as it was meant to be” but “healthcare as it was meant to be.” Direct-to-Employer Contracting might be a bit complex, but it may also be the roadmap that ends up saving companies and employees a large lump sum of money, and improving everyone’s health right along with it. 

Why Visit The Gasparilla Inn & Club? 
The Gasparilla Inn & Club is a charming resort destination and historical landmark located on the Southwest Gulf Coast’s Gasparilla Island, serving luminaries like President Bush and Audrey Hepburn. The vintage experience of “Old Florida”, the landmark makes guests feel as though they have stepped back in time. The Gasparilla Inn has admirable characteristics of rich beauty and a variety of dream-like excursions around the island.

The landmark’s desire to serve an authentic Florida experience is without a doubt attractive, but their true authenticity lies in their desire to provide healthcare coverage that is both value-based and financially friendly for the people who put in their energy to make this place what it is. If you’d like to visit this admirable destination for their 108th year of operation, check out their website at as their open season begins in October. With the lengths that this business goes to support its employees, I can only imagine what they must do to serve guests.

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