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What's all the Magic about Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care, the value-based and transparent revolution in primary care, continues to sweep over the nation. Physicians continue to reject the current burdensome health care system of EMRs,ccoding, prior authorizations, paper work, and insurance rejections that leave patients without care. The only thing we really need for excellent primary care is a physician and a patient—no middlemen required.

Now, employers are seeing the enormous benefits of direct primary care (DPC) to lower cost, increase access to care, and co-ordinate care for employees. How do we connect DPC physicians with employers and like-minded, transparent health benefits advisors? 

Well, that takes some magic, pixie dust, and miracles.

Back in 2019, after we added over 800 employees to our DPC clinic from one employer in Anderson, SC, I decided to write our story to help other DPC physicians through the maze and haze of working with employers and benefits advisors. The book evolved from a talk given in the summer of 2019 at the AAFP DPC Summit: “Magic, Pixie Dust, and Miracles: Direct Primary Care for County Employees”. 

We had just added a large employee panel to our group and wanted to share with the DPC community how that was going and how we managed that process. After the talk, we continue to receive more and more request to share our experience as there were very few DPC clinics that had done a true DPC focused self funded health plan like our employer. 

This led me to write a detailed account and became the book “Magic Pixie Dust and Miracles: A Guide for Direct Primary Care and Employers”. The book is a detailed account of our journey with employers and also lays out steps to find and vet employers and benefits advisors that hold to the same vision of health care. It is written primarily with a DPC physician focus by a DPC physician. 

However, there are specific sections for employers and benefits advisors to gain an understanding of the DPC philosophy and what it means working with these value-based physicians. It ultimately seeks to connect DPC physicians, employers, and benefits advisors to leverage relationships and information to lower costs and improve access to care for employees. 

It’s an “everyone wins” situation.

Detailed topics include:

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working with employers?
  2. How do DPC physicians connect with employers in their area?
  3. How DO DPC physicians find DOC knowledgeable benefits advisors in their area?
  4. What are the DPC advantages for employers and benefits advisors?
  5. How can benefits advisors and employers find and vet DPC physicians?
  6. What are some red flags that everyone should watch for regarding DPC clinics, employers and advisors?
  7. How do you get large numbers of new employees enrolled into your DPC clinic in a timely manner? 


To date, the response from the DPC community and benefits advisors has been overwhelmingly positive to the book. We continue to share the stories of our DPC and employer success at events and conferences all over America. Our hope is that as DPC grows more and more employers will see the magic of DPC and keep it going.

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