Advocacy in Action

Inspiring stories that are helping #TakeBackMedicine

As a physician who only recently became engaged in advocacy efforts to save the profession, our Publisher is passionate about offering resources and tools to help others do the same. We live in a democracy that actually works if we take the time to reach out to our legislators and educate them on how to vote. It’s clear that, to date, our national organizations have not properly represented the best interests of physicians and patients, and there are a number of grass-roots groups that are doing their part. Physician Outlook is a place for ALL of these efforts to come together.

COVID-19 And The Political Pandemic

Politics, yet again, proves it can be more devastating to life and human health than even a global pandemic.

The Comeback Kid

Growing Up Untouchable: A Recovering Physician Addict Describes His Humble Beginnings

It Starts With Us

Most parents would get stars in their eyes if their 8-year-old told them he wants to be a doctor when ...

America’s Dependence on China for Medicine

Many of us don't realize how dependent we are on China for life saving drugs like penicillin, blood pressure ...

Collateral Damage Due To Covid-19

Changing hospital protocols due to COVID-19 have had devastating consequences for non-COVID-19 patients who are having their patient rights violated.

The Comeback Kid

When life becomes unmanageable even doctors fall to addiction. One Physician shows that with a lot of hard work, faith ...

Dirty Knees

The editor describes the difference between Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick's kneel.

Take A Knee

Dr. Newman's thoughts about the importance of "taking a knee" in peaceful protest.

False Equivalence

Government Lockdown VS. Coronavirus: The urgency of virus spread fueled by some very poor models that were based on hypotheticals ...

The Publisher’s Response

To The Issue Of Systemic Racism And The Black Lives Matter Movement, June 2020