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Physicians’ time is limited. Most of us were avid readers when we were younger, but now long for the days when we could lounge around and binge-read our favorite novel, or spend all day on Sundays reading the New York Times. We are lucky these days if we can keep up with what is going on within our specialties, as many of us find our journals stacking up in the corner of our bathrooms. We will also let you know what’s trending for non-physicians (so that you will know what’s trending in the patient world).

It’s Just A Heart Cath They Said

Rejoice in the lines of a poem, which relates a heart cath, its treatment, and the feelings of family members ...

Lessons Learned

Six months of coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic from the moment it started in Wuhan Province. During this time, great divisions were ...

An Ethereal Rant

The author poignantly describes an introspective day in the life of a mid-career physician. The bureaucrats can try to replace ...

The Journey of a Million Lives

Endless rows of yellow door caddies signifying isolation COVID rooms up to the horizon. Choose your Horizons wisely.

2020 #ColorBrave Summer

Dr. Wust-Smith's recommendations for some summer fun: family-friendly, racially important movies to watch together on your own outdoor "big ...

I Can’t Breathe

A poem inspired by the breathlessness of George Floyd, written from the soul by a pediatrician.

Confessions Of A (Recovering) Color Coward

Physician Outlook's founder and publisher takes a long, hard look at her own thoughts and views and personal experiences ...

The Scope of Practice Podcast

Helping Your Patients Is What You Love Most. But Putting On Your White Coat Comes With Many Other Responsibilities, Most ...