Time for you

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Physician Outlook’s “Time for You” section will feature columns and articles that are devoted to well-being, meditation, purposeful parenting, mindfulness, stress reduction, exercise, creativity, home decor, healthful cooking, dining and the ever elusive “down time.” In this section readers will discover inspiration, information and insight about how to be more purposeful and mindful at work AND at home. We know and appreciate how busy everyone is and this will be a “go to” resource that will be the ultimate time-hack. Physicians inherently know what they need to do to become and stay healthy, but sometimes neglect themselves and their loved ones. This is the ultimate “Physician Heal Thyself” how-to guide! #physiciancoaching #physicianwellness #helpingdocsthrive #hobbies #addictionprevention #addictionawareness #Cooking # fitness #restandrelaxation #travel #books #hobbies #pedimom

Measure a smile

Doctors’ work is increasingly judged and measured by numbers. Each mammogram, colonoscopy, and A1c is sliced, diced, and numbered. The ...

Fall Memories From A Cuban Kitchen

Let’s take a trip back in time to revive,and why not try these Cuban potagesthisseason. Split pea, lentil ...

Covid Masks and Skincare

This fall season many of us have resumed our activities and classes have just begun so wearing face masks has ...

How Your Mask Is Just Like Your Undies. And how it’s not.

Masks are the new form of self-expression in 2020. This list written by an Emergency Room doctor describing how masks ...

From Fat to Fit

One Woman’s Quest to Be The Best Version of Herself

Stand on My Shoulders, Sisters

Is This Tale Familiar To You As A Female Physician?

#DoughSomething Together

Physician bakers unite with other culinary artists from around the world to "Dough Something" about racial inequality.

Green Eggs and (Ham) Chickens?

The Gift That Keeps On Giving..a story about the Big Green Egg

How To Jog Beyond Negative Thoughts About Running

Growing up, I was the kiddo struggling to finish the mile run, huffing and puffing my way around the track ...

Taking Back The Meal

It’s 1:00 pm and I haven’t eaten since 6:00 am.