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How Physicians Heal Thy-Selves

Physicians’ time is limited. Most of us were avid readers when we were younger, but now long for the days when we could lounge around and binge-read our favorite novel, or spend all day on Sundays reading the New York Times. We are lucky these days if we can keep up with what is going on within our specialties, as many of us find our journals stacking up in the corner of our bathrooms. This section is devoted to great audiobooks, new inspiring podcasts, physician well-being, meditation, purposeful parenting, mindfulness, stress reduction, exercise, creativity, home decor, healthful cooking, dining, and the ever-elusive “downtime.” In this section, readers will discover inspiration, information, and insight about how to be more purposeful and mindful at work AND at home. We know and appreciate how busy everyone is and this will be a “go-to” resource that will be the ultimate time-hack. Physicians inherently know what they need to do to become and stay healthy, but sometimes neglect themselves and their loved ones. This is the ultimate “Physician Heal Thyself” how-to guide! #physicianwellness #helpingdocsthrive #hobbies #addictionprevention #addictionawareness #Cooking # fitness #restandrelaxation #travel #books #hobbies

Life Changer

Life Changer

Dr. Dunec attended the 2021 Brave Enough Women's Conference and wanted to share a few words about her experience.

Child's drawing of a mouse

Why or Why Not?

If you have toddlers or you have been around them, you will notice their favorite words are “why” or “why ...

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What's all the Magic about Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care, the value-based and transparent revolution in primary care, continues to sweep over the nation. Physicians continue to ...

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Healthcare Reform is Challenging Wall Street

The best part of Mitigate Partners’ Employer-Built Plans is that often employees have little to no out-of-pocket cost for care!