The Doctor's Bag

Tools of the Trade

Becoming a physician is a pursuit that often begins in early childhood. For most, it is a calling, and one that requires a love of science, exceptional role models, a proper education, dedication, a natural curiosity, and a true love and appreciation for the form and function of the human body. There are many "tools of the trade" that make the physician's practice of medicine unique. In this section you will find content related to credentialing, negotiating contracts, personal finances, telemedicine, non-clinical careers, employed practice, the Direct Primary Care movement….and much, much more. We also feature LITERAL tools, gadgets and apps that physicians are using in their daily lives and practices to make their (and their patients') lives easier. We highlight hospital systems that are doing things right, where physicians LOVE to work, where team-based, physician-led care is still the standard. We link physicians to tools to help them connect with each other in a way that doesn’t exploit their personal data, and doesn’t clog up their email or text messages, and with technologies that will help them reclaim medicine. The Doctor's Bag feature of Physician Outlook is rich in content and gives the outsider a "sneak peak" into the evolving and complex world of medicine from the physician's perspective.


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