The Humans of Medicine

Inspiring Patient and Physician Stories

Every issue of Physician Outlook features ordinary and extraordinary patients and physicians who tell their stories. The overuse of data-driven and algorithm-rich practices often leaves both patient and healer unsatisfied and unhappy. We must never lose our humanity in medicine, and these stories show us why.

doc moms

Doc moms

On this special day dedicated to celebrating mothers, let's take a moment to honor the incredible doc moms. These ...

earth day 2023

The Healing Power of Earth Day: How Physicians Can Restore Our Earth and Protect Human Health

This article highlights the connection between Earth Day and medicine, with a focus on the role that physicians play in ...

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon: A Heart that Overcomes Adversity

The Boston Marathon, one of the most iconic and prestigious races in the world, takes place every year in April ...


Organ Donation Saves Lives: Discover How You Can Help

Organ and Tissue Donation is a Way to Give Life to Those in Need. In the United States, organ donation ...

Interview with Dr. Maz Ghani

Interview with Dr. Maz Ghani

His images are haunting which is an odd and harsh word for flowers to portray. Elusive like a Wednesday and ...