The Humans of Medicine

Inspiring Patient and Physician Stories

Every issue of Physician Outlook features ordinary and extraordinary patients and physicians who tell their stories. The overuse of data-driven and algorithm-rich practices often leaves both patient and healer unsatisfied and unhappy. We must never lose our humanity in medicine, and these stories show us why.

MyDoqter Feature: Dr. Daniel D'Auria

A MyDoqter interview of Dr. Daniel D’Auria, who is a practicing gastroenterologist who completed his medical education at Rutgers ...


For The Health Of Students And Teachers Despite Covid-19

Therapy For A Desperately Sick Healthcare System

Taking a thorough history and performing a full physical exam are integral skills familiar to all of those who practice ...

Escape From Life: The Wildlife Photography of Daniel D’Auria, MD

Success isn’t always financial. It’s about have a crazy, silly dream and making it a reality.

Physician Reinvented: The Venture Capitalist

Physicians take an oath to serve the sick and do no harm, a mission that transcends the boundaries of a ...