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Every issue of Physician Outlook features ordinary and extraordinary patients and physicians who tell their stories. The overuse of data-driven and algorithm-rich practices often leaves both patient and healer unsatisfied and unhappy. We must never lose our humanity in medicine, and these stories show us why.

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Kool Aid Blood

A poignantly honest social media post by an Emergency Room physician who "tells it like it is."


A Black Man in a White Coat: The Story of Dr. Nche Zama

You won't want to miss "The Candidate" episode by one of my FAVORITE podcasters, Dr. Randy Cook, host of ...

Doctor charting

What seeing a Locum doctor means for a patient

I have had very few bad experiences with Locum doctors and the Locum nurses have been some of the absolute ...

Rick Satava, MD

Rick Satava, MD

Physician Healthcare Leader Healthcare Leader of the Year

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Marion Mass, MD

Dr. Marion Mass is a board-certified pediatrician and grass roots activist who was named Physician Healthcare Leader of the Year