The Last Word

Taboo Topics We NEED to Discuss

“The Last Word” is a regular feature of Physician Outlook that tackles often controversial topics in a manner that main-stream-media no longer encourages. It is refreshing for physicians to be able to read uncensored opinions about the profession that have become "taboo" to discuss.

LRT Humor-Dr. Marion Mass

Hospital Costs and Treatment - Anything Funny About This? Dr. Marion Mass Doesn’t Think So. That’s Why She is ...

Rethinking Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates

The Scientific Justification, Ethics and Legality of Vaccination Policies for Schools and Universities

Sixty million years of primate evolution has resulted in human bodies and minds exquisitely tuned to thrive in our natural ...

6 Steps to Financial Freedom

Despite being highly compensated, physicians are among the worst accumulators of wealth. And this is because they are financially clueless ...