The Last Word

Taboo Topics We NEED to Discuss

“The Last Word” is a regular feature of Physician Outlook that tackles often controversial topics in a manner that main-stream-media no longer encourages. It is refreshing for physicians to be able to read uncensored opinions about the profession that have become "taboo" to discuss.

Perianesthesia nurse week

Perianesthesia Nurse Week

Peri-Anesthesia Nurse Week is a celebration of the role of peri-anesthesia nurses in the healthcare field. These nurses are responsible ...

martin Luther King

Martin Luther King's depression

Martin Luther King Jr. had a personal battle with depression.

bruce lee

Did excess water intake kill Bruce Lee?

"Water is necessary to survive, but as we all know, sometimes too much of a good thing (even water) can ...


The "King" Pele and his fight against cancer

Pele was known as "the king" because he was one of the best soccer players of all time. He battled ...

Christmas dinner

Watch out! Excess these festivities can affect your heart.

This syndrome, unknown by many, is actually very common in our society these days. The "holiday blues" has become more ...