VIPP Spotlight

On Very Important Physicians and their Patients​

Every issue of Physician Outlook will feature ordinary and extraordinary Patients and Physicians who are every day Very Important People. Their stories are important and deserve to be told. Physician Outlook strives to tell the stories of these VIPPs who aspire and inspire. These are tales of compassion, adversity, collaboration, personal growth, sacrifice, ethics, silliness, family, values, hobbies, passions, misfortunes and miracles. Being a good Person requires some mixture of all of these elements, but not in equal measure or in fixed proportions. We tell the stories that will inspire you to write your own. We introduce you to #stellardocs.

The Sekhmet Writing Project 3/12

Persistence leads 3 physicians to found Equity Quotient. Read about Drs. Van Dis, Choo and Blackstock, who individually and collectively ...

The Black Woman’s Health Directory

Directory which lists both black men and women who are physicians (and dentists, therapists and midwives). Includes insurances, phone number ...

Black Men In White Coats

Having a physician of the same color and culture affects health outcomes.

The Sekhmet Writing Project 2/12

The Light Bringers. A story about 3 amazing Black women doctors who radiate light and give women everywhere the opportunity ...

Mistaken Identity

A beautiful poem and original art by physician writer/artist Dr. Poonam Bhatia.

Women Of Color On The Frontlines

Women of Color on the Frontlines represents Artists who create portraits of female Physicians of color. Portrait of Dr. Rowan ...

Dads Married To Doctors

“If we’re going to date and get married, I want to make sure you understand that I’m GOING ...

Where Are Physicians Finding Their Happily Ever Afters?

One M.D.’S Viral Proposal Sparked Interest In Doctors And Their Love Lives

Loving Your Physician Spouse Well

All I Learned From Being A Medical Spouse I Learned From Mom