VIPP Spotlight

On Very Important Physicians and their Patients​

Every issue of Physician Outlook will feature ordinary and extraordinary Patients and Physicians who are every day Very Important People. Their stories are important and deserve to be told. Physician Outlook strives to tell the stories of these VIPPs who aspire and inspire. These are tales of compassion, adversity, collaboration, personal growth, sacrifice, ethics, silliness, family, values, hobbies, passions, misfortunes and miracles. Being a good Person requires some mixture of all of these elements, but not in equal measure or in fixed proportions. We tell the stories that will inspire you to write your own. We introduce you to #stellardocs.

Physician Reinvented: The Venture Capitalist

Physicians take an oath to serve the sick and do no harm, a mission that transcends the boundaries of a ...

Physician Reinvented: The Speaker

After working as an anesthesiologist for 33 years, Lynette Charity, M.D., was terminated. So what career does a recently ...

Physician Reinvented: The Coach

Physicians embark on demanding but rewarding careers. Some continue the journey in medicine with heightened purpose, passion, and peace, while ...

The Sekhmet Writing Project 8/12 The Clutch One

Since COVID-19 has disproportionately affected minority races, the importance of her work goes far beyond academics and science research.