Yann Meunier, MD, Professor

Yann Meunier, MD, Professor

Dr. Yann Meunier is an international and multifaceted healthcare professional and a pioneer in academia, healthcare provision (in clinical settings and public health programs), research, and business. During his education, he studied medicine at Paris V University (France), the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and The George Washington University (USA). He holds specialty degrees in emergency medicine (Paris XII University), and tropic diseases (Paris VI University) a certificate from the ECFMG, a certificate from Harvard University in internal medicine, and two certificates from Stanford University in communication. 


During his career, In Academia

He was Assistant Professor in Tropical Diseases and Public Health (Paris VI University), Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine (The George Washington University); Lecturer (The George Washington University Center for International Health), Director (Stanford Health Promotion Network), Manager in Health Promotion (Stanford Health Improvement Program), Mentor (Stanford Medscholars Research Fellowship Program), and Instructor (Stanford Health Improvement Program)
He is widely published in the international medical literature and is the author or co-author of nine books on global health and tropical diseases (Oxford University Press and Springer published two).

As Healthcare Provider

He was (1) Private General Practitioner in France, Singapore (only European Private General Practitioner in the country), New Caledonia (first and only Private General Practitioner on the island of Lifou), and Nigeria (only European Private General Practitioner in Lagos), (2) Tropical Diseases Consultant (at the Pitie-Salpetriere hospital in Paris, France), (3) Chief Medical Officer for Chevron Oil Co. in Papua New Guinea (PNG), (4) Corporate Physician in Cameroon (for Cellucam), Nigeria (for Spie-Batignolles and Schlumberger), and China (for EDF), (5) he was the team Physician during corporate trips in Gambia and Egypt (for Bosch), and Congo-Brazzaville (for a timber consortium), and (6) he worked as Emergency Medicine Specialist for SAMU 92 (at the Henri Mondor hospital in Creteil, France).

In Public Health
He (1) created a public health program for about 10,000 Kutubu-area villagers in the Southern Highlands province of PNG, (2) wrote a report on public health priorities in Lifou, (3) conducted public health programs and epidemiological surveys in Senegal (for USAID), China, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, and New Caledonia, and (4) created and delivered health promotion and preventive medicine tools at Stanford University for the Stanford University staff and the San Francisco Bay area population and corporations, in particular several located in Silicon Valley.

As Researcher
He led or participated in clinical trials providing new treatments for HIV/AIDS, tropical (malaria, intestinal nematodoses, amebiasis, giardiasis), cardiovascular, hematological, and respiratory diseases.


As Business Executive
He was the Director of International Corporate Affairs and Business Development for Stanford Hospital and Clinics in Palo Alto, CA, Research Manager for Hoffmann LaRoche drug Co. (in charge of antibiotics and anti-parasitic drugs), and Export Medical Director for Delagrange drug Co. (in charge of Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, and Asia) in Paris, France. He was Co-founder and Business Manager of International Business Proactivity Pte Ltd in Singapore. He created his own healthcare consulting company HealthConnect International LLC, in Cupertino, CA, and is now a Senior Healthcare Consultant based in Foster City, CA. 

Dr. Yann Meunier is an Honorary Member of the Brazilian National Academy of Medicine, Associate Member of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, and Fellow of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine. He is listed by the Institute of Medicine, U.S., Division of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (celebrities, public figures). He is fluent in English, French, and Portuguese, including medical terminology. He is a former high school French champion in track and field.

Skype ID: live:ymeuniermd / WhatsApp / FaceTime
email address: ymeuniermd@gmail.com