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Robert Brown, MD, Radiologist

For the past 30 years, Dr. Brown has been a practicing radiologist. He has worked both in private practice and at academic centers. Over the span of his varied career, Dr. Brown has written many journal articles in peer-reviewed radiology publications as well as several book chapters in the radiology literature. In addition, he participated in the training of radiology residents and medical students over many years.

Since writing his first book, Toxic Home/Conscious Home: A Mindful Approach to Wellness at Home, Dr. Brown has become increasingly concerned with the health impacts of environmental toxins. His emphasis during the past few years has been on uncovering the deleterious health effects caused by non-ionizing radiation. He recently co-authored a paper on the possible overlap between radio-frequency radiation exposure and COVID-19, recently accepted for publication, and presented at the 2021 Environmental Health Symposium on the same topic.

The broad-minded perspective of Rob Brown, MD comes not only from his career as a physician but also from his experiences as a passionate world traveler. From teaching medical imaging to doctors in Tanzania, observing first-hand traditional healings of an Iban medicine man in Malaysia, to discussing traditional medical treatments with Tibetan physicians, Dr. Brown has gained a global perspective of what it means to be healthy and well.

While at home, Dr. Brown helps to raise and educate his two teenage children. He has enjoyed organic backyard farming, tending to a vegetable garden, a fruit orchard, berry patches, and a small flock of chickens. From sprouting seedlings to crop harvest and food preservation, Dr. Brown has first-hand experience with the effort required and rewards received in getting food from farm to table.

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