Dr. Faarina Khan, MD, MPH

Faarina Khan, MD, MPH, Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Faarina Khan grew up in Chicago, Illinois. She completed her medical education training in 2015 at Dow International Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan. She also pursued her master’s in public health degree from Kansas University School of Medicine in Wichita, Kansas. Prior to applying to residency, she worked as an assistant physician in Missouri and worked with Missouri’s disaster medical assistance team on their COVID-19 response efforts. She is currently a second-year family medicine resident physician at Roseburg Family Medicine Residency program in Roseburg, OR. Outside of residency, Dr. Khan maintains her commitments to mentoring medical school graduates as well as to two non-profit organizations (the National Association of Assistant/Associate Physicians & the American Society of Physicians) that focus on decreasing the physician shortage and increasing healthcare access in medically underserved areas through state and federal legislation.