Poppy Jaspar Arts


2021 Volume 8

Physicians Coaching Physicians

Contributing Authors: Catherine Woodhouse, MD, Cecilia Cruz, MD, MPH, Errin Weisman, DO & Sinéad O’Kelly, Scott Abramson, MD, George P. Naum, MD and Vanessa Naum, Marion Mull McCrary, MD, FACP, NBC-HWC, Melissa Hankins, MD, Randy Cook, MD, FACS, Nahille Natour, MD, FACOG, Dael Waxman, MD, Desmond Bell, DPM, CWS, Rachel Miller, MD, Alyssa S. Jenkins, RN, Adam Harrison, MD, Susan Wilson MD, CPC , Teresa Malcolm, MD, FACOG, MBA, CPE, CPXP, ACC, Wendy Schofer, MD, FAAP, DipABLM and Erin Schofer, Michelle Quirk MD, FAAP, Robyn Alley-Hay, MD

Cover Art: Navreet - Poppy Jasper Arts

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