No-Work-From-Home Policy During The Covid-19 Pandemic

And The Wrath Of Corporate Medicine *** Original Artwork by physician artist Dr. Judith Hong ***

COVID-19 Can Cause ARDS, And AFDS

AFDS, “Acute Financial Distress Syndrome, ” is plaguing humans world-wide.

The Covid 19 Lessons Are Best Described As The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

An Anonymous Doctor pens her thoughts on The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.that COVID19 has brought to our ...

Confessions of a Social Distancing Failure

A brutally honest first-person quarantine story from an anesthesiologist

Imagining A World Post-Covid

We were already overcrowded, working at capacity, underfunded and resources were scarce.


Easter Sunday is a time of resurrection, rebirth, and hope. Through her reflections, Dr. Dewey challenges us to rise up ...

Restless and Uneasy

National Physician Week 2020 has us ALL feeling Restless and Uneasy. Dr. Jean Robey's raw visceral prose captures those ...