Tiger Lilies

This poem is an ode to physicians and medical workers whose everyday hard work and stoicism is often overlooked, while ...

Measure a smile

Doctors’ work is increasingly judged and measured by numbers. Each mammogram, colonoscopy, and A1c is sliced, diced, and numbered. The ...

It’s Just A Heart Cath They Said

Rejoice in the lines of a poem, which relates a heart cath, its treatment, and the feelings of family members ...

An Ethereal Rant

The author poignantly describes an introspective day in the life of a mid-career physician. The bureaucrats can try to replace ...

The Journey of a Million Lives

Endless rows of yellow door caddies signifying isolation COVID rooms up to the horizon. Choose your Horizons wisely.

I Can’t Breathe

A poem inspired by the breathlessness of George Floyd, written from the soul by a pediatrician.

Take A Knee

Dr. Newman's thoughts about the importance of "taking a knee" in peaceful protest.

Hosting a Viral Journey

Another heartbreakingly beautiful poem by Dr. Jean Robey inspired by #COVID19. Original art by Saira Malik Rahman, MD, painted with ...