Patient Consumerism

Why The Healthcare Industry Should Take Note From History

No-Work-From-Home Policy During The Covid-19 Pandemic

And The Wrath Of Corporate Medicine *** Original Artwork by physician artist Dr. Judith Hong ***

COVID-19 Can Cause ARDS, And AFDS

AFDS, “Acute Financial Distress Syndrome, ” is plaguing humans world-wide.

Why The Oxford Chadox1-Ncov-19 Vaccine Is So Promising

And The Concept So Exciting ***Original Artwork by Physician Artist Dr. Maycie Elchoufi***

Loving Your Physician Spouse Well

All I Learned From Being A Medical Spouse I Learned From Mom

The Sekhmet Writing Project. The Innovators: Part One of Twelve.

In the first of twelve installments, Dr. Megan Babb, a practicing family practitioner from Northern California, highlights five Women in ...

The Role Of Financial Freedom For A Physician During the Covid-19 Era

The current model of healthcare in the United States is no longer viable and is unsustainable.

Soldiers Without Armor on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 War

Publishers' Note: A Cloud of Contagion Continues to Hang Over Hospital Battlefields...the situation has gotten only worse since Dr ...

Stellar Doc-Peter Valenzuela

In collaboration with PWT and HPEC, we celebrate ALL #StellarDocs during National Physician Week.