No-Work-From-Home Policy During The Covid-19 Pandemic

And The Wrath Of Corporate Medicine *** Original Artwork by physician artist Dr. Judith Hong ***

COVID-19 Can Cause ARDS, And AFDS

AFDS, “Acute Financial Distress Syndrome, ” is plaguing humans world-wide.

Why The Oxford Chadox1-Ncov-19 Vaccine Is So Promising

And The Concept So Exciting ***Original Artwork by Physician Artist Dr. Maycie Elchoufi***

Loving Your Physician Spouse Well

All I Learned From Being A Medical Spouse I Learned From Mom

The Sekhmet Writing Project. The Innovators: Part One of Twelve.

In the first of twelve installments, Dr. Megan Babb, a practicing family practitioner from Northern California, highlights five Women in ...

Soldiers Without Armor on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 War

Publishers' Note: A Cloud of Contagion Continues to Hang Over Hospital Battlefields...the situation has gotten only worse since Dr ...

Stellar Doc-Peter Valenzuela

In collaboration with PWT and HPEC, we celebrate ALL #StellarDocs during National Physician Week.

It is During our Darkest Moments that We Must Focus to See the Light.

Dr. Hailey Amick reminds us via her poetry that... It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to ...