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Physicians are leaders in medicine but have never had a proprietary publication or platform to voice their unique and uncensored perspectives and opinions about the health care they provide. “Primum non nocere” is an oath that all physicians pledge when they are granted their degree, but “doing no harm” has become increasingly difficult in a landscape that is cluttered by layers of bureaucracy. These barriers interfere with the sanctity of the Physician-Patient relationship, and many physicians are becoming disillusioned with their chosen career.

Most physicians will tell you that they love their profession but detest what their profession has become. The Physician Outlook Magazine appeals to physicians of all ages and provides a forum that is simultaneously informative, entertaining and educational. The Physician Outlook Magazine is the only publication available that is devoted solely to the Physician and their patients. Our publication provides a unique forum for physicians to express themselves, to support each other and to learn how to advocate for effective policy changes that will help fix our broken system. We take great pride in presenting content that is reliable, exclusive, impactful and told in unique ways that relate to physicians on a visceral level. This can be accomplished through a publishing company that is deeply rooted in the impact and importance of physicians through our founder, who is a physician herself. A PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESS

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